National Accounts

Unrivaled Nationwide – 24/7 response capabilities

Are you a property or facility manager faced with the challenge of finding quality Pest Management for properties located in several cities and states? The National Accounts team at Not 1 Bug can make this task a simple one.

There are many Benefits to our Not 1 Bug National Account Program.

Imagine making just one phone call to check on all of your regional or nationwide properties. Picture paying just one bill, being confident that each of your properties is being consistently maintained by uniformed, trained professionals. This is all possible with the Not 1 Bug National Accounts Department.

At Not 1 Bug our primary focus is on the complete pest management of your commercial properties. We understand that your pest management is not just a maintenance expense. It is a vital component in the overall success of your business. Our ongoing customer service is reinforced by the following:

  • Dedicated National Accounts Staff
  • Assigned Account Manager (single point of contact)
  • Centralized billing / Quality control
  • Automated work order tracking or processing

We will take the reins and ensure that your entire portfolio is consistently maintained to the very highest of standards. From New York to California, we can provide you with the peace of mind you expect from a national company and the personal service your properties demand from a local business. Here are just a few of the areas positively impacted by a well maintained Pest Management Program:

  • Net operating income
  • Vector control
  • Occupancy rates
  • Overall property safety

Now imagine all of this is possible by making only one phone call and hiring just one company!