Top 10 U.S. Household Pests

Aside from rodents, insects are one of the most annoying and expensive problems to deal with as a homeowner. There are hundreds and thousands of different types of insects, and in this article we will outline the top ten most frequent household visitors.

While there are so many different species of ants, they can be very destructive to your home. In the Southern states, red imported fire ants are said to have the most destructive capabilities. Carpenter ants seem to have been related to the most calls in the Pacific Northwest areas.

While termites have the ability to help within the forest, they are surely one of the most destructive household pests. Termites live in colonies, and together they can completely destroy the structure of your entire home. Sadly, most homeowners do not eve discover that they have termites until the damage has been done.

Cockroaches have the ability to thrive in all different types of environments, from the arctic regions to the most hot and dry. Cockroaches can live one month without food, but need water once a week. They are very difficult to rid from your home.

Homeowners really dislike cohabitating with rodents. Rodents, can create costly problems and are hard to evict once they have found their way into your home. House mice and rats are to of the most common varmints to get rid of.

While earwigs do not actually burrow inside of your ear as the superstition uggests, these pests have pincers and prefer moist and cool locations. While their pincers are intimidating, they do not actually sting or cause harm to humans. And they won’t necessarily cause much damage, however, they can be annoying.

While these bugs generally live outside, they are known to make their way indoors from time to time. Hiding under objects, you can usually smell these bugs before you see them, as they have a certain odor. They will eat decaying wood.

These bugs feed on glue, and starches. They thrive the best in warm, humid spaces(basements, bathrooms,kitchens, and cabinets) and stay in one place when they find an ideal source of food. They can do damage to clothing, food in cabinets, wallpaper and books.

Paper Wasps
​Paper wasps are referred to as so because they make their nests with paper-like materials. There are over 15 different species within the U.S. While these pests can be damaging to your home, they can also cause pain in their stings and allergic reactions as well, becoming dangerous for your family.

​There are many different types of fleas, and many that tend to infest animals, as well as humans. Fleas carry disease, and can cause much irritation with their bites. Because of so many different species, determining which kind may be beneficial to ridding your home of them.

Bees are very beneficial to the environment as well as in cross pollination. While bees do sting, they can only do so once before they die. Not many people are aware of this, and while it may not share much comfort to people who fear their sting, they are a much needed part of the ecosystem.