Odorous House Ants (Tapinoma sessile)

Color:   Brown or Black.
Legs:   Six
Shape:   Segmented; oval
Size:   1/16″-1/8″
Antennae:   Yes
Flight:   No

Odorous house ants can be found in all 50 states.

The odorous house ant is a native species. It gets its name from the strong smell, similar to rotting coconut, emitted when crushed.

Odorous house ants prefer sweet foods such as fruit and melons. They look for food day and night, with many ants following the same trails.

Odorous house ants will nest just about anywhere. Outdoors you can find them under mulch piles, pavers or landscape timers, nesting just below the surface. The indoors offer ideal nesting in walls or under floors, often near a water source.

Odorous house ants can quickly contaminate food, leaving a signal trail to the rest of the nest. They do not sting or bite.

Keep debris piles away from your home to discourage nesting. Seal up cracks and crevices with caulk. Store food in airtight containers and repair water leaks. Odorous house ants can be an unpleasant house guest and a professional pest control agency should be called if you have an infestation.