Roof Rats (Rattus Rattus)

Color:   Black.
Legs:   Four
Shape:   Long
Size:   16″
Antennae:   No
Flight:   No


Roof rats can be found all 50 states.

Roof rats are also knows as black rats and are not native to North America.

Roof rats prefer a diet similar to squirrels, feasting on nuts and fruits. They forage after sunset and carry any food they do not consume to a food cache.

They are named roof rats because of their preference for nesting off the ground. Trees are a favorite home but they also like the upper stories of buildings.

Roof rats carry and spread disease not only through biting, but also through their urine and feces.

Black rats are agile climbers and you can inhibit their entry by keeping vines and overhanging branches to a minimum. Be sure that all access points along your roofline are tightly sealed. Keep fallen fruits and nuts cleaned up. If you think you have an infestation, a pest control agency should be called immediately.