Norway Rats (Rattus Norvegicus)

Color:   Gray, brown or black.
Legs:   Four
Shape:   Long
Size:   10″-12″
Antennae:   No
Flight:   No

Norway rats, also called brown rats or sewer rats, are in all 50 states.

The Norway rat can be found on every continent but Antarctica and is the most common mammal on the planet next to humans.

Brown rats will eat almost any food and can gain access to buildings with as little as a ½ inch opening. A female can produce as many as six litters a year.

Norway rats prefer to live close to people. They will burrow into any structure, preferring the lower levels. As the name sewer rats suggests, sewers are also a favorite haunt.

Norway rats can cause a lot of damage wherever they decide to burrow, but worse than that, they carry disease. Rats will bite and should be avoided.

Keep refuse picked up and debris clear from around your home or business to eliminated food and burrows. Keep food stored in airtight containers. Call a professional pest control agency immediately if you find evidence of rats.